The Power of “I Don’t Know” Part 2

Hi friends
The Power of “I don’t know”
Part 2
A bit of a follow on of which Kathy Pyper has just reminded me.
We were round my house with friends watching Burt Goldman do his healing Qi gong on You a Tube, it does work over the internet too.
After watching it Kathy announced that before watching it she had a toothache, but afterwards it miraculously went, how about that? She didn’t tell us about the toothache before, but we were all in a state of absolute awe.
If Kathy had a closed mind to the possibility of being healed, this wouldn’t have worked for her. So being open to it cured her pain, just think what this sort of knowledge can do for mankind.
Be open, be curious, be an “I don’t know, but want to learn person” and watch the miracles occur in your life.
Have a fab fab day
Love from Loraine x

Kathy Pyper My dentist is in total amazement re that tooth every time I go and see him as it needs root canal treatment and I have an abscess that flares up which I pop myself but I have no pain whatsoever. Thank you Burt and of course you Loraine for introducing him to me.


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