The Power of “I Don’t Know”

Hi friends
The Power of “I don’t know”
As we go through life we automatically become very knowledgable on many subjects, but there is no way on earth that we can know everything, even the wisest person on the planet does not know it all.
But some people have this attitude of knowing it all, you can’t tell them anything because they know about it, they know how to do it or they know someone who has done it, this type of attitude closes off all possibilities to expanding and growing as we should.
When you feel comfortable with sometimes saying “I don’t know” you are curious about getting to know, then the possibilities are endless, you then realise there are no limits to your knowledge and what you can learn from life situations and other people.
I went cycling in Vietnam in in 2013 and I was into qi gong at the time, which translated is energy manipulation. I had followed Burt Goldman and his technique for healing with qi gong by thrusting your hands at the injured person and saying in a forceful loud voice “heal”
I did it once to a fellow cyclist who had injured their leg by pulling a muscle, well they couldn’t stop laughing, I laughed too at them laughing and it was funny, but afterwards they would say “that’s ridiculous, how on earth can that work” and I would explain, but they were adamant that it was a load of rubbish.
I accepted their point of view and didn’t try to convince them, as everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but afterwards I did think that it’s a shame for them really having such a closed mind, how can they or me for that matter know for sure whether it’s a curable technique or not, but Burt Goldman’s attitude is, “if it works does it matter how?” because he has healed many people this way and sometimes instantly, so that is my attitude too.
So be curious, have an open mind about everything, as Wayne Dyer says:- “Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing”
Just say “I don’t know” and then be open to the infinite possibilities that lay before you.
Have a fab day
Love from
Loraine x


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