The Deliciousness of Inspiration

Hi friends

The deliciousness of Inspiration

Inspiration derives from the words in spirit, meaning when you’re inspired it’s like downloading from Universal Intelligence.

Inspiration is a feeling, it’s a feeling of wonder, excitement, enthusiasm, deep interest, powerful passion, and it often motivates you into action, but not always, the feeling of inspiration can be used just for the sake of feeling good and being in a state of appreciation.

Inspiration can come from other people, works of art, music, the countryside, an idea, a book, teachers. In fact inspiration can come from anywhere, but the important thing is to be aware of it and allow it in.

You cannot feel the fullness and exhilaration of inspiration if your mind is full of negative chatter, or you’re so busy you don’t have time to think.

Because inspiration will often happen spontaneously in moments of quietness when you’re feeling good, relaxed and resistant free, like meditating or just sitting quietly with a cup of tea.

I deliberately ask the universe to inspire me on a daily basis and I’m never disappointed. I ask to be inspired so I can write daily on here, and I never have any trouble finding something to write about and I know why this is, it’s because I’ve found my passion and highest excitement in life, and that’s to be inspired, then write and teach about it through being an example.

So you can be assured that whenever I write it will always be from inspiration through something that I’ve read, listened to, observed through daily life or going on adventures, I would never copy or write just for the sake of it, as it would go against everything I know and believe in.

But to be inspired is like nothing else on earth, that feeling of a thought coming from your higher self whilst in alignment, it just feels so delicious.

Often I will feel inspired whilst riding along on my bike in nature, and I can’t wait to get home and write it down. Or I will listen to my teachers on You Tube or a course I’ve bought, and one piece of nugget will almost jump out at me for an idea to write about, then the idea gains momentum, by the law of attraction, and I will keep hearing about it, over and over again, I then create my version of the subject and hey presto I have a topic to write about, it feels like magic.

So create your own magic today, feel the deliciousness of being inspired and then get creative about expressing it out there into the world, or just bask in the gloriousness of the wonderful good feeling of inspiration, because it truly is one of life’s amazing riches.

Have a grand day

Love as always
Loraine x


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