Im In The Now

Hi friends

I’m in The Now

I’m in the now
I’m in the now
I’m in the now
This is the affirmation that I’m repeating a lot to ensure that my mind stays in the here and now.

It’s so easy to let your life pass you by, and not be aware of what’s going on around you.

The mind is so often consumed with chores that need to be done, thoughts of the past that no longer serve you, where you felt betrayed and wronged, thoughts and fears of the future.

What you remember that no matter where your mind is, your energy and vibration is working now, so when you are thinking those thoughts of a past lover, that vibration is activating now and by the law of attraction more thoughts events and circumstances will be attracted to you. That’s why our lives never seem to change and the same things keep happening over and over again.

Whereas, when we become mindful about the world around us we notice so much more. we walk along and notice the squirrel that quickly scrambled along the branch, our senses become enhanced we hear the birds singing in the trees, and smell the odours of nature, the freshly cut grass and the wild flowers.

We become a people watcher and notice them going about their every day lives, their interactions with others, their activities and we marvel at the diversity of it all.

We appreciate everything when we are in the now, because we are more aware of our surrounding, we are living life to the full and in a blissful state, we are being totally alive.

I love the quote:-
Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.
Bill Keane

How true that is, treat your life as a precious gift, but don’t be too precious in the living of it, be bold. adventurous, confident and knowing that the universe really is on our side.

But most of all live in the now it’s the only place to be, keep reminding yourself of this by repeating:-
I’m in the now
I’m in the now
I’m in the now

Have a great day

Lots of love
Loraine x


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