What is success?

Hi friends

What is success?

The idea of success is very much unique to the individual, but the most common idea of success is being rich, running a business or a top job, having top of the range material things in life, like a sports car, a mansion.

We look to people who are rich and famous, like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, actresses, actors pop stars, Madonna, Michael Buble, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jole, and we think of them as extremely successful.

And whilst they are talented and successful and rightly so, they’ve achieved a lot and are rewarded accordingly, they do not necessarily feel that way themselves.

Because the acquisition of material things do not make you happy, nor does a successful career, these things are short lived.

Have you noticed when you get that car, house, new sofa, you are onto the next thing to acquire, we are never satisfied, but this is a good because we are creators, who love just to have one more.

Since deciding on writing this blog I’ve come across the question many times by listening to successful people talk about their idea of success, and it’s not what you think it is ie; their achievements and grand life, it’s the amount of happiness they feel on a daily basis.

Natalie Ledwell is a motivational inspirational speaker, she’s an author and has a TV show, when asked the question what is your idea of success? she said feeling happiness every day.

Oprah and Deepak have a 21 day free meditation which started yesterday and success was the subject, it was titled – I create my success from within, these meditations are very good just google Oprah and Deepak 21 day meditation.

So for me feeling joy every day at a very high level is my idea of success, I do this by following my passion, bliss and highest excitement, it does take identifying your passion, being vigilant about feeling good by doing some sort of spiritual practice daily, such as meditation, visualisation, gratitude journal.

What’s your idea of success? Is it important for you to feel successful? because you can feel that way right here and now. We are as successful as we decide to be.

Have a wonderful day

Love as always
Loraine x


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