“I’m Going To EBC”

Hi friends

“I’m Going to EBC”

If you’ve been anywhere within my viscinity in the last month or so, you will have heard me say “I’m going to Everest Base Camp”. I’m going on Saturday and I can barely contain myself because I’m so excited.

The reason I’m telling everyone is not to show off, oh well a little bit I suppose, but to share my enthusiasm and excitement of following my dream, and it feels more interesting than talking about the weather. the state of the nation or who won the rugby.

My reactions have been varied, sometimes I have to repeat and explain that Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world at 29,085 feet,and is situated in The Himalayas mountain range Nepal, on the border of Tibet.

Some people just say “oh that’s nice” and don’t say any more, others are amazed, for example the receptionist at my doctors, where I went for a vaccination consultation, was open mouth impressed saying “wow what an adventure, tell me more”

I was sitting in the coffee room at work on a break chatting to a colleague, before I had said my mandatory information about my big adventure, when she started telling me about her very exciting adventurous life, she travels all over the world with her husband and daughter to places like Malaysia, America, St. Lucia, Jamaica, for months at a time, saying “I work to live and go on super holidays, not live to work, life’s one big adventure” and I totally agreed with her.

The amazing thing was to look at her you would never have thought she was like that, of course I then went on to tell her about my big adventure and she was very interested. We also had in common the fact that whilst on an adventure we contemplate the next one. which is all part of it.

I did love hearing about my colleague’s stories on my coffee break, it made me feel excited for her that she leads such a positive, uplifting, interesting, adventurous life, and it made me feel good, so that’s why I like sharing my adventures because it creates good feelings in people.

So today, whilst out and about talk about your interesting uplifting feel good life, even if it doesn’t feel that way, you can act as if, and before long it will become that way, because it’s always about the mindset first.

Feeling good has a knock on effect, spread your light today, be grateful for all of it and watch how it returns to you multiplied.

Have a great day

Love from
Loraine x


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