The Emotional Journey to Everest Base Camp

Hi friends

The Emotional Journey to Everest Base Camp

I’ve spoke about visualisation before many times and pre-paving, and that is thinking feeling and becoming the vibrational/ energy equivalent of your forthcoming experience.

I decided on 28th February to write down my emotional journey to Everest Base Camp in a journal, exactly four weeks prior to going.

I’ve written about my feelings about the trip, the excited anticipation, what I’m looking forward to the most.

Would you believe also I found a kids journal notepad for my diary whilst away, with Base Camp on it, I’ve written Everest on the front.

I’ve drawn pictures, done processes like the focus wheel, where in the circle of the wheel you write what you want to happen, and around the wheel all the positive aspects relating to that.

I’ve done a process called Positive Momentum Adding, where you get into that feeling place of what it will be like on the trip, and write from that place all thoughts around that.

I’ve written about the spectacular scenery of the highest peaks in the world, and the great people I’m going to meet.

I feel like mentally I’m in a very good place for the trip, it’s given me a solid rock foundation, and because all of it has come from my highest excitement and passion and I’ve felt all these amazing adventures prior to going, the universe must match them, but more often than not it’s better than I’ve imagined, so I absolutely can’t wait to see what the universe will deliver.

By journaling, prepaving and visualising with regard to anything, even a day at work, will set your point of attraction whereby all that you want will come flowing into your experience with ease, well worth the effort in my opinion in order to lead a life of magnificence.

Have a fab day

Love as always
Loraine x

Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.

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