Long Time No Speak

Hi friends

Long time no speak. I’ve arrived home safe and sound after being so close to being involved in the earthquake.

My flight was at 10am yesterday and Kathmandu airport was closed at 12pm.

I’m very grateful to be home. My comrades from the expedition are at Everest Base Camp and are thankfully safe.

I have a guide friend who I met 3 years ago when I trekked the Annapurna region, who lives in the hills in a village on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

I met up with him and his family on Friday, had a lovely day, his wife cooked a meal and I met his beautiful 4 daughters.

We walked into the village and went to a prayer area for Buddhists.

It was a very special day meeting with Hira and his family, and I’m praying that they are all safe.

I’ve tried ringing him but no answer.

I have many wonderful stories of this amazing adventure of a lifetime, but feel it’s inappropriate to tell them at this very sensitive and delicate time in the wake of the tragedy, so as a mark of respect will leave it for a while.

Thanks everyone for your kind words of concern when it was not sure what had happened to me. I’m very touched. Thank you x

Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.

2 thoughts on “Long Time No Speak

  1. Soooo great to hear from you Loraine. Your followers anxiously await your stories however honour your delay out of respect for the people involved in the experience.


    • Hi Jo,
      Great to hear from you too, yes I have many stories but await telling them in respect of those who suffer, I have now put my pictures on facebook, but know you are not on it, but I have put that the pictures are a tribute to the lovely people of Nepal and their beautiful country, and my stories too are a tribute to them, they are an amazing nation of people and that will be reflected in my posts.

      Cant wait for our cruise and adventure to New Zealand, it will be amazing for sure. I will be booking the flight soon, probably be from 17th October to arrive 19th to the 20th November, not September I think I was thinking of the Canary Island cruise dates.

      Anyway, lots of love and speak soon.

      Love from Loraine x


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