The Power of Influence

Hi friends

The Power of Influence

I returned on the Thursday from my amazing adventure of a lifetime, from Lukla to Kathmandu, as my flight home was on Saturday.

I wanted my last couple of days to be as fun and exciting as my trip had been, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Before the trip whilst in Kathmandu I had decided I wanted to take a hand painted picture home of a momento of my adventure.

There was an artist near my hotel, and I had gone in there and discussed it with him. The owner was very talented, and I was very impressed with his work, I said I want a picture when I return from Everest Base camp of me and my fellow Trekkers with Everest in the background.

The guys remembered me when I went in and we ploughed through his many paintings for a picture of Everest, and Trekkers in the foreground.

We found one with only 4 trekkers painted on. It was of Kalaphata which I had climbed up and seen the sunrise over Everest. I asked if he could paint 5 more on and he said yes, come back this evening and it will be done, we agreed a price.

In the background was a painting that he had only half finished, it was of the Everest summit.

I went back in the evening and my painting was finished, I was well pleased. It was of 7 trekkers and 2 guides, that being Tim Mosedale the leader and 4 men who were aiming for Everest summit, me John, Tim’s dad and the 2 guides Prabin and Dep Kumar. He wrapped it up ready for travelling.

What was amazing was the half finished picture was now finished and had 9 trekkers on, I thought wow I had influenced him into painting that. It felt very powerful.

I don’t think we fully comprehend how much we influence other people in our every day lives, and it’s always good to be mindful about what we are giving out.

Have a great day.

Lots of Love
Loraine x

Loraine Denison's photo.
Loraine Denison's photo.

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