Sunrise over Mount Everest from Kalaphata

Hi friends

Sunrise over Mount Everest from Kalaphata

I knew the views from Kalaphata would be breathtaking, to what extent I wasn’t sure, but it proved to be a highlight of my Himalayan adventure.

Dep Kumar and I set off at 5am to capture the sunrise over the Khumbu Valley.

We had walked from Everest Base Camp the day before, to Gorakshae, and Tim our leader advised that we go up Kakaphata later, but it was overcast so we decided to capture the early morning sunrise instead.

There were many people trekking, in the cold and brisk freshness of the steep mountain, with their headtorches lighting the way.

In some ways it reminded me of trekking up Poon Hill in the Annapurna region in 2012, but this was to prove far more spectacular, firstly because Everest was here and the mountains were so close, on Poon Hill the mountains were far in the distance.

On Kalaphata the sky was navy blue and you could see the outline of the mountains, I was feeling strong mainly because I was very excited at the glorious sights before me and because I had been trekking now for over 2 weeks and felt very strong physically, I was passing people who were out of breath and I felt good. Dep commented on my strength too.

The terrain became snowy underfoot as we progressed higher up the mountain.

Then it happened the sun crept over Mount Everest, I was in a state of awe, with the snow plume coming from the summit, it was my best view of the mountain so far.

I was ecstatic and couldn’t resist doing a bit of qigong whilst the sun rose over Everest, which is feeling the essence and energy of the mountain in a spiritual way, Dep took a video.

I truly felt at one with the universe when I witnessed the sunrise over these magnificent mountains, and was one of those magical moments in life that go down in one of life’s memorable moments.

The spectacular array before me had exceeded my expectations, and I knew for sure that I was living from my highest excitement and passion.

Love as always

Loraine x

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