The Namche Bazaar Day

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The Namche Bazaar Day
Namche Bazaar is the largest main town at the beginning of the Everest trekking trail. It’s spectacularly set amongst towering mountains, and houses are situated in layers along the slopes, and it’s a stunning sight to see.
But this story is not about the town, it’s a story about the huge incline up to the town and my own personal struggle, and what I found out about myself and what I already know to be true.
It was the second trekking day, we had stayed the night at Tok Tok a small village just past Lukla, the teahouse we stayed at was run by a family and the daughter had a cute little baby.
I did my daily practice of yoga stretches and qigong, we had breakfast and we set off in good spirits.
The scenery was breathtaking and I couldn’t help feeling very grateful that I was eventually here.
The guys who were aiming for the summit and were very fit forged on ahead, leaving John, Tim the leader’s dad,and I trekking behind, and it soon become apparent that it was going to be slow going.
The hill was very steep and john and I had to keep stopping every few steps to catch our breath and drink some water.
Our guides Prabin and Dep Kumar offered to take our rucksacks, which at first we felt guilty about because they already had huge loads, but we had to let them as john and I were struggling big time.
I kept thinking, “I should have trained more” I didn’t do many hills in my training, but as Alex, a fellow comrade said, “how can you train in the uk for something like this”. Thoughts of “what am I doing here and what have I let myself in for” kept going through my mind, yes I was being negative, but I now realise it was like a breaking in process for much more of the same to come.
John who was in his 70s was amazing, he kept saying “keep plodding on” he did inspire me to carry on and stop stopping so much, because I was to learn that there is an art to trekking, and that is to slow right down when you get out of breath, and to keep moving.
John was also a joke teller which made the situation lighter, but I will admit to not enjoying the scenery, and finding it all completely exhausting, but in hindsight and I do give myself credit for this, at no point did I have feelings of giving up.
We crossed many well constructed suspension bridges, which crossed raging rivers, and had prayers flags attached to them flapping in the wind. The bridges were quite bouncy and I enjoyed crossing them, it felt exciting.
But the gruelling incline continued, and I developed another problem a sore left little toe, which potentially could ruin the trip if it got worse. I put a plaster on and I started worrying about that, I told Tim and he had a look at it and put another dressing on.
I then started feeling exhausted and light headed, which I put down to a low blood sugar, so we stopped and had a drink and bar of chocolate, but then I noticed I was no longer worried about the toe and it had stopped hurting.
It was a case of what you focus on you get more of, and what you think about you bring about. The law of attraction in action.
Infact, the sore toe toughened up and I didn’t have any more trouble with it.
John, Prabin, Dep Kumar and I arrived at Namche Bazaar greeted by Tim who congratulated us on getting there. We had lunch and had a well deserved coffee and chocolate cake, at the famous Everest Bakery.
We headed off for another hours trekking to stay at the Ama Dablam lodge at Kyangjuma, where Tim’s friends Tashi and Lakpa own the teahouse.
All in all a very challenging day, but filled with very necessary strengthening tools that were to stand me in good stead for the forthcoming trekking adventure.
I didn’t mind admitting to Tim that I found it very tough and was totally out of my comfort zone, after all who likes struggling and being exhausted, but it was a necessary breaking in process that would eventually prove to make me very strong.
It also proved to me that what you focus on expands, eg with the sore toe, then the exhaustion and light headedness, which I already did know, but this example showed me in a profound way, and that usually you can only think about one thing at a time.
So to be a deliberate thinker of those positive thoughts is a very good tool to have in your tool box.
Yes the Namche Bazaar day was to be the initiation catalyst to toughen me up for the trekking adventure ahead, and for that I was eternally grateful.
Have a wonderful Monday
Lots of love
Loraine x


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