Power to the People

Hi friends
Power to the People
After the recent second earthquake I was saddened, upset and worried for the people of Nepal, fearing for their safety and well being.
This is a normal reaction to a natural disaster, but with friends out there whom I met whilst on my recent trip it felt close to home.
But it’s for this reason that I’ve come to a new realization, and that is I’ve seen first hand the type of people the Nepalese are..
They are no lightweights that’s for sure, they are strong, resilient, hardy, tough, hard working. very resourceful. A gentle, humble, generous race who greet you with a warm, open friendly smile.
I have many examples of this whilst trekking in The Himalayas – porters carrying huge loads of goods by a tump line that’s attached to their heads, in a basket on their backs called a dockay, to the tea houses.
In the tea houses where we stayed the porters, Sherpas and guides were fed by the owners, and it appeared that they were treated like family.
Mothers were very resourceful, carrying their babies on their backs in a cot, again with a tump line, rocking their baby with their body so their hands were free and they could continue to work.
Dep my guide was always smiling, happy and easy going, chatting and being friendly to everyone en route, he was amazing.
These character traits will be of enormous benefit to the people of Nepal as they face huge challenges, and out if their pain and suffering will bring forth strong desires to make things better, they will follow their intuition and inner guidance, they will become inspired to help each other, mothers will become resourceful in meeting the needs of their children, fathers will become creative about building shelters for their families.
They also have their very strong Buddhist faith to fall back on.
What is common in disasters is that it brings people together, they are united in their loss and despair, and they help each other, and the Nepalese are very good at this.
The world unites in sending aid relief for food, water and shelter, the basic human needs of everyone, albeit it has been slow to reach the people. Initial relief money is essential, but long term is equally important and it will take a long time to rebuild Nepal.
It’s time to empower the people, turning fear into love, send thoughts and prayers of kindness and compassion where the people of Nepal can rebuild their stunning country better and stronger. Our thoughts and feelings do affect this planet, the universe and everyone in it in a very powerful way.
Nepal is a unique and beautiful country set amongst the highest peaks on earth and their main source of income is tourism through trekking and sight seeing their many temples and historical monuments, the people rely on it, if you’ve been thinking of going there don’t be put off, the last earthquake was 85 years ago it’s not a common occurrence, the Nepalese want to continue showing the world their breathtaking country.
So today let’s empower the people of Nepal and visualise a country that’s brought back to it’s former glory and more, with the people living a normal happy life, that’s their birthright.
Love as always
Loraine x
















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