Hi friends
Tashi’s Place
We arrived at Tashi and Lakpa’s place called Ama Dablam Lodge and restaurant, Kyangjuma after the gruelling days trekking I named The Namche Bazaar Day.
It was quite late foggy and getting dark so I was not able to see the surrounding scenery, but I was told to be prepared to be gobsmacked, I couldn’t wait for morning.
I woke up very early after sleeping well, I opened my curtains to the most amazing sight I’ve ever seen. the mountains set before me were truly spectacular and so close it felt like you could touch them, I was in a state of awe.
I did my morning practice of yoga stretches and qigong, outside, Prabin the guide was watching and I invited him to join me, which he did. I felt truly connected to the mountains.
It was a beautiful warm sunny morning and we had breakfast outside, overlooking The Himalayas, the highest peaks on earth, this was my first real sight of them and I was in a state of bliss.
Everest could not be seen at this point, but famous beautiful mountains such as Ama Dablam and thamserku could.
Today was a ‘rest’ day meaning we were going to do an acclimatisation trek a bit higher to just over 4000 metres to Mongla. Acclimatisation being we were preparing our bodies for higher altitudes, gradually going higher to acclimatise, which is very important.
John and I were to spend 3 days at Ama Dablam Lodge, whilst the others went on to The Ronjola Pass for more acclimatisation.
This gave me a chance to get to know Tashi better. Tashi and Lakpa were very good friends of Tim our leader, they had stayed at Tim’s B&B in Keswick Lake District the year before to have a meeting with Prince Charles. Lakpa was a guide back in the 80s and had taken Prince Charles trekking around the Pokhara region, Tim went to Clarence House too and it was a momentous occasion with pictures of them all around their dining room.
Tashi is a larger than life character, which Tim and I discussed she had The X factor, chatting to all her guests and making them welcome, you could see why her place was always full. We didn’t meet Lakpa as he was away.
One morning Tashi was running around her prayer wheel infront of the lodge saying the customary mantra Om Mani Padme Om which is part of their Buddhist faith, I joined her with my English version saying, health, wealth, joy abundance.
We were priveleged to go to Tashi Prayer Room that had been painted and created by monks many years ago, it was very beautiful. Tashi would go there every day to meditate. She revealed that she had had some bad karma a few years previous where her much loved son had died of a heart problem whilst studying in America. She had found some relief when she met the Dalai lama and he said he was in a good place, Tashi had 2 other sons.
Tashi had many people working for her, to cook meals and prepare the rooms, they would approach her with wads of money and she had a purse that she kept down her front, she would get her purse out and give them change, this made me smile. Tashi I felt had an abundant mindset, which was quite unusual in these parts.
I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Tashi’s, she is one of life’s characters, where once you’ve met them you feel your life has been enhanced.
Have a great day
There is great love here for you
Loraine x















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