The First Glimpse of Mount Everest

Hi friends
The First Glimpse of Mount Everest
It was Good Friday, we had breakfast outside at Tashi’s overlooking the mountains.
Tashi gave us all a beautiful cream silk scarf called a khata for good luck, which is a custom in Nepal. She bid the summit guys farewell as John and I were splitting from them for a few days, whilst they further acclimatised up to the Ronjola Pass, we were heading towards The Hotel Everest View.
John, Prabin and I commenced the steep climb up towards the view point, it was very sunny and warm and the scenery was spectacular, and I was very excited about seeing Everest.
Prabin out of the blue said “Everest is over there” I was beside myself with enthusiasm and excitement, after all this was what the adventure was all about, “Oh my God, where?” I said, “over there” Prabin said, pointing. John and I stopped in our tracks and looked on in awe at the majestic highest peak on earth – Mount Everest.
We could only see the tip of Everest with the plume of snow coming from it, as it was at the back and surrounded by other mighty peaks.
We got our cameras out and started clicking away, the picture of me with the scarf on, Everest is on my left shoulder.
Once we calmed down we continued climbing towards the Hotel Everest View, which is very popular for tourists, and we were surrounded by all nationalities.
We arrived at Hotel Everest view and got an amazing view of the Everest panorama, the place had a fantastic feel about it and was buzzing with excitement, with everybody observing the breathtaking scene before them. We had a coffee took loads of pictures and videos and headed back down.
We decided to have a wander around the nearby village of khumjung. I stopped and bought some jewellery from a woman who was with her 3 children, I took a picture.
We had lunch and headed back down to Tashi’s Ama Dablam Lodge for our final night there.
All in all for me it was not Good Friday but an excellent one, as I fulfilled my dream of seeing Everest, and will go down as a peak experience in this awesome, amazing, adventurous journey called life.
Have a great day
Lots of love
Loraine x
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2 thoughts on “The First Glimpse of Mount Everest

  1. Such beautiful pictures Loraine. HOw could anyone believe there is something wrong with the world when thee is so much majestic beauty all around us to focus on. Your words made me feel like I was right there with you, thank-you.


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