Picture The Scene

Hi friends
Picture The Scene
The tea houses we stayed in whilst trekking in The Himalayas were very basic, and consisted of just a small room with twin beds and not much else, and this simple basic accommodation was all that was needed.
The heart of the tea house was the dining room, which is where everybody congregated at the end of a hard days trekking, and that is what todays story is about.
Prabin, John and I walked from Tashi’s through to Mongla again, a bit lower route this time, the scenery as usual was stunning even though we had trekked this route before, it’s something you never tire of.
We arrived at The River Resort Phortse Taga, which was a small family run tea house, which was situated by a raging river. I liked it immediately, I could feel it had a good atmosphere.
After getting settled into my room, I took my book down to the river to read, I felt in a total state of appreciation for the whole adventure. The river was very loud, frothy and a clear aqua colour, it was my first experience so far of being near a river.
In the late afternoon I went in the dining room and sat near the Sherpas who were playing cards, they were very enthusiastic, and Prabin said they were playing kal brek which looked like knock out whist to me. I played snap with Prabin, it was fun.
In the middle of the dining room was a large chimney where wet boots and socks from the days trekking were put on a ridge on the floor, chairs surrounded it and a few Chinese people sat to warm up. A few other people sat reading or writing their journal.
The dining room was obviously where we ate our hearty warming food of soup, noodles, rice and Dahl bat, but it was much more than that, it was where we all united and we had one thing in common, trekking and our love of the mountains and we often didn’t have to voice that commonality, as the feeling of comrarderie was just there no matter where in the world you came from.
That particular night as I sat next to Prabin and the Sherpas playing cards, nearby there was a group of Australian people laughing and joking, I got talking to them. there was a girl Kate who had been travelling around the world for a year and had visited 28 countries and she was with 3 men, her father, brother and uncle and she had persuaded them to join her on the last leg of her trip. John and I became friendly with them and he called then The Kiwis as they came from New Zealand. We were to meet up with them a lot en route over the next few days.
That night it started snowing whilst we were in the cosy, warm dining room, as I ate my food, chatted, observed I felt very grateful to be there in that special and unique situation, knowing that there would be many more occasions like this, but this particular tea house felt especially good because it was small, intimate and family run with a lovely warming atmosphere.
In the morning everywhere looked beautiful with a layer of snow, I did my daily routine of yoga stretches and qigong before breakfast. We had breakfast, I took a picture of the young woman who worked there and her lovely little son who was the same age of 3 as my grandson Joshua, I showed her a picture of him.
We bid them farewell and started trekking to our next destination, with a satisfying feeling of having a wonderful experience.
Have an amazing day
Love as always
Loraine x






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