Flight of a Lifetime

Hi friends
Flight of a Lifetime
The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla has been described as the scariest flight in the world, because the runway at Lukla is very short, it’s set in a valley, so there no room for errors and having another go at landing, and there’s a mountain at the end of it.
Bearing this in mind, I was very apprehensive about the flight, but it had to be done to commence the trekking adventure.
We had spent a couple of days in Kathmandu sightseeing and preparing our equipment, and the day arrived to fly to Lukla.
We arrived at Kathmandu airport and we had to wait a few hours to board the plane. It’s very much a case of you fly when the weather is clear. It’s unlike any airport I had been to before.
We eventually boarded the plane, after a few false starts where we got on the bus only to be taken back to the airport.
But this time it was really happening. and I felt a mixture of excited anticipation and fear.
The plane was very small and I sat on the left in the middle, with only 15 of us boarding. The air hostess gave us safety instructions with the life jacket, knowing really that if anything happened you wouldn’t stand a chance.
The cockpit was visible, we could see the pilot flying the plane and I noticed he was wearing black leather gloves.
We took off well, but the plane was very loud and you could feel every bit of turbulence, which was unnerving, but It felt exciting and thrilling too.
I could see the Himalayas in the distance under the plane, and I was in awe of it all.
The flight only lasted 45 minutes, and the scenery became more and more spectacular.
We got very close to the mountains, where it felt like you could touch them. We weaved in and out of valleys, over forests. The Himalayas were getting closer.
The skill of the pilot was very impressive, and I was thanking him mentally for giving us a safe flight.
Also because I have a belief that I’m never alone, and always protected by Arch Angel Michael, I imagined him with his huge wings hovering over our plane, protecting us all and keeping us safe. This did help the anxiety factor enormously.
We landed on the short runway with such immense skill and precision and we were all very grateful. I wanted to kiss the pilot, but wasn’t able to so I kissed the air hostess instead and told her to thank the pilot.
The thrilling, exciting, scary and magnificently articulated flight of a lifetime was over and I was feeling extremely grateful.
Have a lovely day
Love from Loraine x



















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