Qigong with the Sherpas

Hi friends
Qigong with the Sherpas
I first became passionate about qigong last year on a Canary Island cruise, when my American friend Day Acheson,who was an instructor, practiced it every morning on the top deck, and I joined him, and I’ve been doing it every day since, as part of my early morning spiritual practice.
Qigong is an ancient Chinese art and science using breathing techniques, gentle movement and meditation, to cleanse, strengthen and circulate the life energy, and in this case connect to the energy of the mountains.
I had decided before I went to The Himalayas that I was going to practice yoga stretches and qigong every morning before breakfast, in order to start the day off right, feel the essence of the mountains and connect to their energy.
It was the second day of the trekking and we were in Toktok, and I did my first practice outside doing yoga and qigong. It was an ideal spot overlooking the towering peaks and it felt so good. I first did the yoga stretches to prepare the muscles for the forthcoming hard trekking, then the qigong. I felt the life force flowing through my body and felt totally connected to the energy of all that is, I would have my eyes shut and gently whisper “energy in energy out, up the mountain, down the mountain”. I felt totally in the flow.
People would stop and watch and I would invite them to join me. I wasn’t embarrassed because I knew that what I was doing would only benefit people, even if they just watched.
Over the next few days the Sherpas joined me, they are very spiritual people who are Buddhists and love the mountains., also I felt the yoga stretches would help their back and neck as they carry very heavy loads, and I devised special exercises for that.
A young girl in Dole joined me and she thoroughly enjoyed it.
Prabin and I would often stop whilst trekking and do a bit of qigong.
The qigong in The Himalayas with the Sherpas, enhanced my adventure, by connecting to the core essence energy of the mountains and gave me a knowing feeling that we truly are all one.
Have a wonderful day
Lots of love
Loraine x





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