Conserving Energy at Gokyo

Hi friends
Conserving Energy at Gokyo
As my Himalayan trekking adventure progressed I was still struggling to a certain extent with my fitness, but I did notice that gradually I was getting stronger.
John and I met up with the rest of the expedition at Gokyo, which was a beautiful town that is situated upon a clear aqua lake, but when we were there it was covered in snow and iced over, as was the town.
But the snow somehow made the area more spectacular, as the sky was deep blue, set amongst the rocky majestic mountains of the Ronjola pass, which my comrades had trekked along the day before and found it very challenging.
Arriving at Gokyo proved to be a turning point of the trip. We met the guys in the dining room and it was good to see them, we chatted about what had happened the previous week.
They pointed to Gokyo Ri which is a mountain that overlooks Gokyo, of which there are excellent views, and we were to climb it the next day, for acclimatisation purposes.
Dep, my guide, David and I were the only ones to climb Gokyo Ri. It was very steep and I had to keep stopping to get my breath, David advised me to use the resting step, where when the going gets tough, slow down and momentarily for a few seconds rest on the leg you are standing on.
I did what David suggested and found that this worked, I started to conserve my energy.
Dep and I went up to 5000 metres, where the views were amazing, we could see the top of Everest. We decided to descend, David carried on to the top.
Back at the tea house I discussed with Tim my new technique, and he also gave me some technique advice, and that was if there’s big rocks rather that stepping up them walk round them, to conserve energy.
I took on board what I learnt that day and found the rest of the trekking much easier.
It’s much like life we can conserve our energy in so many situations.
When we are worried, fretting about things that don’t matter, getting angry our energy is wasted, with a bit of forethought we can use that same energy to create a life of love, joy, abundance and passion, and in the so doing identify who we really are.
Have a joy filled Sunday
Love from
Loraine x



















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