Children of The Himalayas

Hi friends
Children of The Himalayas
All children are precious gifts and I particularly wanted to watch, enjoy and connect with the children I met whilst trekking in The Himalayas.
Whilst in Machermo John was not feeling well due to shortness of breath caused by the altitude, so we decided to have a day off from trekking. We sat in the sun room, relaxed, read and I wrote my journal.
I decided to have a wander around the village, to explore and engage in new experiences.
I walked down by the river and there were children playing by the river side, I decided to go down there and meet them.
It was quite snowy and slippery and I had to be careful. I met the children and introduced myself, they told me their names and wrote them down, they were Namenida she was 16 and very pretty, Tshering he was 11 and the only boy, Doma 14 and Tenzing Doma 14.
I asked them if I could take some pictures, at first they refused, but were very willing when I offered them a bit of money.
They told me that they went to one of The Hillary Schools in the next village of Kyangjuma. The schools were set up by Edmund Hillary, the first man to climb Everest back in 1953.
Namenida the 16 year old had a heavy load and set off trekking up the mountain. I bid all the children farewell, and told them it was a pleasure to meet them.
On another occasion whilst trekking back from the Everest viewpoint cafe there were children and people working the land, I waved to them, four children came running up to me, they spoke very good English and we chatted for a while. They were so happy and enthusiastic, it was such a lovely experience.
Whilst trekking back from base camp, Dep Kumar and I stayed at a tea house called The Waterfall Hotel, because it was situated next to a beautiful waterfall. There was an adorable little girl there of about 2, she wore a colourful woollen hat, and she would wander about around the area of the hotel, the parents had made it safe, she would smile and laugh and keep everyone amused.
In the dining room grown men who had been trekking would coo and make funny faces to make the little girl laugh, I really enjoyed watching how she entranced everyone.
The children of the Himalayas are the same as children the world over, joyful, free, cute, living in the now. I think we can learn a lot from them.
Have a wonderful day
Love as always
Loraine x


















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