Hi friends
Higher and Higher
I’ve now come to the end of my Everest Base Camp adventure stories, but I have plenty more stories to tell and I’m going to put them in a book called Higher and Higher.
The book is about me and my expedition comrades going higher as in physically, higher in altitude towards Everest Base Camp, and it will be about how I moved higher and higher up the emotional scale as the expedition progressed, as I witnessed the magnificent scenery and met the wonderful Nepalese people.
At the basis of the book will be about how I used my knowledge of the law of attraction, utilising techniques, processes and principles to obtain the maximum experience.
The stories that I have to tell include the people that I met which were a pilot, a well known motivational speaker, groups of policemen, an author and a charity worker and many more.
The beautiful Buddhist objects such as prayer flags, prayer wheels, mani stones and Buddhist stupas, the stories and history that surrounds them and how Dep Kumar and I used them all the time whilst trekking.
The special friendships that I had with the Sherpas.
The stories of my fellow comrades, on the expedition and how they got to be there, aiming to climb the highest peak in the world, their deep desires, their fears and what motivates them.
Arriving at Everest Base Camp and it not being what I expected
The tragic twist of the earthquake, and how I’m endeavouring to help the people in Nepal in my own way.
This book will be a blockbuster, where I reveal all the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the challenges.
I have written the outline of the book and it will be out later this year.
In the meantime my book of my very first 100 blogs going back to January 2014, called Living with a Positive Attitude will be out very soon, as an ebook initially but there will be physical copies too.
So all good stuff, I so love writing, it’s my passion and purpose, it helps me grow, and if only one person finds inspiration, purpose, love joy through my writings it will have been worth it.
In the meantime, off to adventures anew, going to Corfu Sunday for a ‘normal’ holiday with loads of friends with lots of sun, fun, music and dancing to the tune of life, where I know for sure I will come back to tell you of all the amazing experiences I’ve had.
Have a great day
Lots of love as always
Loraine x


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