Optimum Moments

Hi friends
Optimum Moments
As I sit here and await the transfer bus to Corfu airport I’m contemplating the optimum moments of the adventure.
And whilst I think of the various parties, boat, white and disco, it’s also the little things that make up the essence of the joyful experience.
Like swimming around the various fishing boats in the sea and being able to see clearly to the bottom, which is 10 foot deep, the ocean foliage and thousands of little fish swimming.
Swimming to a rocky area with 9 friends on what we called ‘The Secret Beach’ and standing on a rock which was covered in slippery but carpet like comforting moss and shouting in my star pose, alleluia!
Laughing till we cried at Baz doing rapping in Maria’s bar, he used to tour with Prodigy.
Feeling awe at all the beautiful huge, yellow lemons in the trees, and us girls feeling priveleged to be able to pick them and use them in our drinks, and being amazed at their lovely citrus smell and juicy sweet taste.
Little lizards crossing our path at such speed, that if you blinked you would miss them.
These optimum moments have added immensely to my experience, but I know that I have created it, by being aware and asking the universe to deliver them to me.
So today be aware of all the magic that surrounds you, and feel like I am right now, immense gratitude for this wonderful world.
Have an amazing day
Love from
Loraine x


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