Hi friends
As the Jamie Summer Breeze soul music festival in Corfu comes to a conclusion, I’m sitting on the beach and reflecting on the wonderful experience
For me, reflecting is all part of the whole experience, I’m contemplating the outrageous fun I’ve had with and old friends and new.
The boat party was an optimum experience, singing at the top of our voices at Maria’s Famous Karaoke bar, dancing and singing by the pool to all the talents of the many DJs.
I feel immense satisfaction as I reflect and know that it is all part of it. I do this on all my trips and adventures, knowing that reliving it all keeps me in an optimum vibration that only attracts more good.
I’ve got 2 more days left and intend to milk it and savour the experience even more.
So today reflect on the positive aspects of your life, and know that when you do the universe will bring you so much more of the same, or better.
Have fun, live on the edge, love every second.
Have a marvellous day.
Lots of love
Loraine x


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