Finding Your Daily Practice

Hi friends
Finding Your Daily Practice
Whilst in Corfu we ate at a restaurant called Savva on many occasions. The waiter was called Spiros he was friendly, charming and handsome.
Spiros would chat to us whilst we were waiting for our food. One particular day he was telling us about where he lives and that he starts work at the restaurant at 4pm, leaving the morning free.
He would use this time to go snorkelling in the beautiful clear aqua waters of where he lives, he would dive 10 feet under to marvel and appreciate the depths of the ocean, he said he’s been doing this for so long now and it’s part of his daily routine, and he went on to say that if he didn’t do it his day did not go well, he felt something was missing, and things just didn’t feel right.
Afterwards I thought this daily practice is like Spiros’s meditation, it was his routine to make him feel good, and it’s a case of whatever works for you to make you feel good.
Every morning I do some sort of meditation or guided visualisation gratitude journal, visualise and do affirmations, and this sets me up for the day and I always have a good one. Whilst in Corfu before breakfast a few of us would meditate and then go on the beach and do yoga stretches and qigong, also Nesta one day day did pilates on the beach, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
So today find a practice that works for you on a daily basis, mornings are best, that guarantees you feeling good.
Like Spiros identify your practice to put you in that magical good feeling place and know that your day will unfold in perfect harmony with your desires.
Have a good one
Love as Always
Loraine x


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