Life Loves You

Hi friends
Life Loves You
Whilst on holiday I started reading the new book I had downloaded onto my new Kindle, The Girl on a Train, I had heard it was a brilliant book and a best seller, and I had been looking forward to starting it. After a few chapters I just didn’t get the story and lost interest.
I had also downloaded a book by Louise Hay, one of my favourite mentors, and Robert Holden, called Life Loves You.
This book is right up my street, powerful, enlightening, easy to understand. I had a knowing feeling that this book would have a huge impact on me, and it already has.
Primarily the book is about self love, it teaches you to look into the the mirror and say to yourself “Life loves you” or Life loves me” over and over again at least 10 times, I’ve been saying it all day long, with and without a mirror, and Louise says it’s surprising how many people have difficulty doing this, due to their low self worth.
Louise and Robert have empowering dialogue, and talk a lot about how your life is like a mirror of how you feel about yourself.
I decided after a few days to test the theory that ‘Life Loves Me”
After coming back from holiday I needed to do some food shopping, as I got in my car Brian my neighbour said “where are you going” I said Asda’s to do some shopping, he said “there are huge queues in the town, go the long way round”, which I did and missed the big traffic jam in town.
When I got to Asda’s I had a big shop and when I got to the checkout there was no one there, very soon after there were huge queues.
I thought wow these sychronicities are evidence that life really has got my back and loves me, I will continue to do this as I’m sure as I progress through the book there will be more magical occurrences.
I do believe that life does really love all of us, but through beliefs handed down from childhood we don’t allow all the good, health, wealth and abundance that is our birthright.
Try this mirror work, it feels awkward at first, but with practice you will come to know without a doubt that you are loved, adored cherished more than words can say.
Have a fab day
Lots of love
As always
Loraine x


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