The Characters of Corfu

Hi friends
The Characters of Corfu
Last year I wrote about the characters of Corfu, and this story is about the same people, who are still doing their unique thing and working their magic.
Firstly, I will talk about the sweeping lady, she’s the grandmother of Babis. Babis being the son of the owner of the apartments where Summer Breeze is held.
The sweeping lady (will find out her name next year) is 90 years old and the only way I can describe her is as a little stick of dynamite, she’s wears a white scarf and beavers around the place at such speed, she rakes the beach to perfection that it looks like a carpet, she wheels a wheel barrow around and Paul said he saw her up some ladders, when I asked for her photo, I did a selfie, she immediately planted a huge smacker on my cheek. I love her to bits, she’s pure joy to watch.
Thomas of Thomas’s Laundry last year was situated right outside our apartments and Anna Osorio and I got to know him well. We would wave every morning from our our apartment and he would wave back. This year I had to go and seek him out to say hi, he was just the same, huge smile, and as usual, exuded a warm glow.
Last but not least is the legendary Maria from The Famous Pub, it’s a karaoke bar where Maria goes round the bar hugs everyone, sings, is always smiling, waves to passers bar, she has many friends and they all love her, she is what makes the bar, with her huge personality.
We’ve had the best nights in what we call ‘Maria’s’. We always start the night there and people sing karaoke and everyone sings along. Friends who we didn’t know have really good voices, surprised us, that being Marilyn Hart and Jean-marc E EBeloulou, and Mia danced on the bar.
Because of the friendship that we’ve formed with Maria, and she got on especially well with Kathy Pyper she invited us up to the mountains and treat us all to a meal, which was amazing, lamb, salad and many side dishes, overlooking the sea and Corfu it was beautiful, an experience I will never forget, but it is typically Maria who is so generous of spirit you can’t help but feel her genuine warmth.
These characters make up part of the Corfu experience, and I feel blessed to know these people, because for me they are salt of the earth and real, and I know next year they will still be there working their magic, I can’t wait to meet them again.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x


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