Inspirational People Johan Ernst Nilson, Adventurer Extraordinaire

Hi friends
Inspirational People
Johan Ernst Nilson
Adventurer Extraordinaire

Whilst in the Himalayas we did an acclimatisation trek up to Mongla, this was to get our bodies used to the altitude. It was 300 metres higher than we were staying, and we were to descend down later.
We had had our lunch in the cafe and I decided to have a wander. There was an Ama Dablam viewpoint area which I visited which would have had amazing views of the mountain, but it was obscured by cloud.
There was a young couple sitting at a table, I got chatting to them, this was easy to do as trekkers are mainly of the same mindset.
He said his name was Johan from Sweden and he was to climb two mountains that have never been climbed before, Hillary and Tenzing, the names of the two men who first climbed Everest in 1953.
I told him I was planning to write a book on my adventure, he seemed very interested.
He went on to tell me that he gives lectures on his 20 years of adventures around the world. I asked him if he was famous to which he replied, it depends on which country you’re talking about.
We exchanged details, I thought he was very interesting.
When I returned home I looked on his website, and I was absolutely gobsmacked at what Johan had achieved in his 20 years of adventure, he had been quite modest when telling me of his explorations.
He’s climbed the 7 summits that are the highest on each continent. He climbed Everest in 2007 of which he described as heaven and hell, he’s done pole2pole, that being north to South trekking, jet ski the Atlantic, cycled, kayak, and fly boat from Sweden to Africa, kite over Greenland and much more.
He raises money for charity for children and a water foundation, he coaches handicapped people and is training his handicapped wheel chair bound friend to compete in 2016 paraolympics, he’s already taken him up a mountain by crawling up.
He’s an Ambassador and President of many organisations, including President of Everest Summiteers Association Sweden and Ambassador International for conservation of nature.
He’s also a public speaker
He’s met President Clinton and had an interview with Deepak Chopra.
I thought wow, how much can one man achieve, I was very inspired by Johan.
But looking back, he was very unassuming sitting there, very open to talking to me and flexible in his attitude.
When you feel inspired and go on to inspire yourself, it has a knock on effect.
Who or what inspires you, take time out of your day to feel this very creative emotion and feel the life force rushing through your veins.
Have an inspirational day
Love from Loraine x

















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