The Inspiration Continues

Hi friends
The Inspiration Continues
As a follow on from meeting Johan from Sweden, whilst in the Himalayas I also met many more friendly, funny, brave and inspirational people, and it made me realise that when you get talking to people you never know the amazing lives people lead, and that’s what I love about meeting new people, is that so often they are very interesting and inspirational.
Prior to flying to Lukla to commence the trek we had a couple of days in Kathmandu, where we went out for a meal in the evening and had a drink afterwards.
On the second evening we had our meal and went into Sam’s bar for a drink, it was a trendy place where all the trekkers congregated.
Tim knew a lot of people in the bar, I was sitting next to him and a friend of his sat down and started chatting, his name was Victor Saunders, they were talking about people they knew and past funny experiences. I became involved in the conversation, and we got talking about negativity, Victor in a very funny way was saying how negative he was. I told him I was going to write a book on my adventure and that I’m excited, he said he had written many books but they were all rubbish, he was self depreciating in a very amusing way, he did make me laugh.
On further investigation when I got home, I looked up Victor Saunders on Amazon and he has written several books on The Himalayas, as he’s a guide and mountain leader, and I intend to read them. I found him very interesting and amusing.
Later on in Sam’s bar a young woman came in and greeted Tim with a hug, they were obviously friends, her name was Hazel Grace and she seemed a larger than life character, happy, smiling full fun and enthusiasm, I liked her immediately. She and Tim had a conversation again about past experiences and people they knew.
Hazel was with Bhim a Sherpa cook who was going to base camp to cook for our expedition, Hazel was singing his praises and saying how lovely he was, Bhim had a huge smile on his face.
Hazel went on to tell me that she had started a charity called Supporting Nepal’s Children, and that her and a couple of friends had spent 2 years raising funds to build a playground for a school in a local village, and she was visiting this time to finalise arrangements.
I thought wow how amazing is that, I knew there and then that in some way I would help Hazel, and this was before the earthquake.
Fortunately the playground that was built in Pangboche is still intact after the earthquake.
I have spoken to Hazel since returning home and expressed my wish to help her charity, and intend to do a sponsored bike ride in the Summer. I found Hazel to be a very likeable inspirational woman indeed.
On the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla I was wanting to thank the pilot for his skilful flying, even kiss him, as I was so relieved to have landed safely, instead I thanked and kissed the air stewardess and told her to thank the pilot.
However that desire was still in my vibration, and on the return flight home from Lukla to Kathmandu, on the bus from the plane to the airport, the pilot got on the bus and he stood next to me, I said “thank you very much for the safe flight” he said “you are welcome” I asked him if he ever got used to flying on such a notoriously dangerous journey, he said “you never get used to it, and if you had been on the flight the day before you would have been terrified, as there was extreme turbulence” he then went on to ask me where I had been to, I told him Everest Base Camp. We said goodbye.
I was very pleased to have met the pilot, to my mind you’ve got to be very brave to fly a plane in such hair raising conditions, to the most dangerous airport in the world with a very shortest runway with a mountain at the end of it, into a valley, There are no second chances you must get the landing right first time. I felt priveleged to have met this unique pilot.
Whilst back at my hotel in Kathmandu there was a very elaborate wedding going on, whilst I was sitting by the pool there was a brass band playing for the wedding, no one was taking much notice of them. so I clapped after they had played, they beckoned me over, I went over and chatted to them, they were very friendly and pleasant, mostly men and a few women, they made me feel like royalty, asking where I came from and what I did, it emerged that they were police. I sat there whilst they played for quite some time. It was a very memorable experience.
Meeting people from all walks of life makes up the great tapestry of life, it broadens your horizons and makes you grow and expand as a person.
I highly recommend being open and receptive to meeting the fellow occupants on this planet, for you come realise that we truly are all one.
Have a marvellous day
Love from
Loraine x


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