The Crazy Camera

Hi friends
The Crazy Camera
It seems I’ve been taking more photos than normal just lately, since going away to Everest Base Camp, Summer Breeze at Corfu and Rhythms of the World.
There’s nothing quite like capturing the moment on film, whether it be of spectacular scenery or one my friends in the moment having a fun.
On the boat party in Corfu I took my new Lumix Panasonic camera, it does take excellent pictures, and I kept clicking away whilst we were dancing and having fun, and because we were enjoying ourselves so much, there was the tendency to forget what happened.
That’s why I’ve called this story the crazy camera because since coming home we look at the photos and say “I don’t remember that happening, did I do that”. It’s so funny, but quite poignant too, because if I hadn’t taken the photo we would never have remembered it, and it would have been lost forever.
It’s good to pose for photos, but I like the ones that are spontaneous, fun, unpredictable and funny. A moment in time when fully engaged in the moment experiencing complete joy and participating in the craziness of life.
I’m always careful though to put only complimentary pictures of my friends on Facebook, I often capture people pulling funny faces and unusual poses and although amusing we always like to look our best.
Would you believe I take less photos now than I did a few years ago, because I’ve also come to the conclusion that sometimes it’s best to be in that amazing moment, rather than focusing on taking a picture, so it’s a fine balance.
I do love it though when I’ve been out, on holiday or an adventure and then looking back on the photos and reliving those magical moments.
The picture below is of the sun setting last night on my way home from work. If I see something amazing I will always immediately stop and capture it.
For appreciating and being in awe of this wonderful world and the people in it, for me is the essence of life, and I know that I will continue clicking away at my camera to capture the crazy, beautiful, spectacular and true.
Have a grand day
Lots of love as always
Loraine x






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