Joy of the Idea

Hi friends
Joy of The Idea
So you’ve taken a baby step into the unknown and you’re feeling really proud of yourself, especially if you’ve been procrastinating over it for some time.
This is when the ideas start flooding into your mind.
If you are following your true path and being authentic to who you really are, this will certainly happen.
Because ideas are manifestations just like a physical object, they have been downloaded from universal intelligence, so action on them is a must.
Just lately I’ve been having so many wonderful ideas, about future adventures, what sort of adventure I want, where I want to go, and thinking about it is just pure joy. In fact the thoughts and ideas about my adventures are as good as the adventure itself.
The idea would come in an impulse, for example I’ve been listening to Kute Blackson, he’s an inspirer and motivational speaker and he talked of an adventure he did years ago, and as he was telling the story, something inside me said “I want to do that” and in that moment it felt certain.
Another example I got an email from Abraham Hicks for cruises next year, again I knew immediately that I would go.
So from the time of the idea being born to my actually going on the adventure is perculation time, for example I will keeping thinking about it and get more ideas about how I can have the best adventure possible.
I visualise, ask the universe to bring me amazing people and events, have lots of fun, give me lots to write about, so by the time the adventure comes round I’m already mentally so prepared, how can it be anything other than the time of my life.
My ideas feel like I’m already there, the pictures are so clear in my head.
Grab that great idea and milk it for all it’s worth, ponder it, feel the pleasure and joy in just the thought of it, and then act, because it’s your true path north to who you really are, and your stepping stone to your best life possible.
Have a fab day
Lots of love as always
Loraine x


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