Take Baby Steps

Hi friends
Take Baby Steps
When we embrace the unknown it becomes so much easier to take that initial first step, and I’ve called it a baby step because its that very first small step that’s the all important part.
When we are gripped with fear of the unknown we are unable to take that baby step, because we wonder what will happen if we do.
We over analyse, we think if
we take that new job or embark on the new amazing business idea, or new relationship the consequences are too great we may not like it, or not like the people, we may fail.
The feeling of change stops us in our tracks and we procrastinate, we stay stuck in the same old rut not living the authentic blissful life that we’re meant to live.
Whereas, if we are able to follow our gut instinct, follow our bliss and passion, the higher self mind kicks in to guide the way for you, and you can trust these feelings because they are coming from your true source of who you really are.
The universe will literally light up your path and you just have to follow it, but this will not happen until you take that very first baby step towards the life of your dreams.
So today I dare you to step into the unknown, let go of the fear and take that very essential first step, and lead the life you were meant to live.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x


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