3 Small Miracles = Profound Meaning

Hi friends
3 Small Miracles = Profound Meaning
Over the past couple of weeks whilst riding my bike there was a rattling sound coming from the back wheel, after stopping and investigating I identified the problem it was a small plastic guard that had come loose and needed tightening.
On one occasion when I stopped, a local man asked me if he could help after I had tried to fit it back on, I said “thanks but I could manage it” even though my hands were getting all greasy from the chain. He said “that plastic piece was of no use and you could saw it off”
I didn’t have a small saw, but tried to cut it off with large sturdy scizzors, but with no luck and each time I went out it would rattle, which was mildly annoying but I would put up with it.
On a recent very sunny day I decided to cycle into a couple of the local villages to research a project I was working on, as I got my bike out I remembered the rattling piece of plastic and thought I want to get it sorted for my long bike ride. As I was thinking that thought my neighbour Brian walked past, Brian I said “you don’t happen to have a small saw to cut this piece of rattling plastic off on my bike do you?”
He walked up to me with a gardening tool in his hand with long handles and sturdy cutters on the end, “let’s see if this will do” he said, a couple of snips and job was done.
He joked “will drop the bill in later” I thanked Brian, was well pleased and hopped on my bike to the villages.
To become more efficient and organised I’ve had a note pad in my kitchen to write down items that I need when I go shopping, on my list was honey that I decided I was going to get after being inspired on holiday in Corfu where every morning we would have a delicious breakfast of honey, Greek yogurt and loads of delicious fruit, at our local bar on the beach. My friend Marilyn and her husband Gary had been having it since they returned and I decided I was going to try it.
Stay with me, these stories are all interlinked.
I cycled to my first village which was up a hill and only 20 minutes away. Great Wymondley is a quaint English village with typical beautiful thatched cottages with roses outside a parish church and village green. As I was taking pictures a lady walked out from her road I asked her “hello, do you come from Great Wymondley, are you able to tell me anything about the village?” to which she replied “yes, there’s the old manor house where they found huge murals on walls when they renovated it, and the town hall is very old, but the best person to ask is Sherry Carter” she gave me her address, I thanked her and I decided I would talk to Sherry, but maybe another day because I had a lot of villages to research.
I carried on taking pictures, walked to the village green to take some pictures of the church that was in the distance, it was all very picturesque. On the green was a table of plants where you could donate money for the church, they were left over from the fete the day before.
As I was taking pictures on the green a lady was walking out of her house, from cottages that were situated on the green, I said to her “excuse me do you know how to get to the church from here” she said “yes and pointed to a road that led to the church” I said “thank you”
It then occurred to me is this Sherry, I said “are you Sherry Carter” to which she replied “yes”
We went on to have a great conversation about the village, she gave me loads of information, she was the church warden and her husband was the bee keeper, because you will never guess what she had in her hand, a jar of honey.
I bought the honey for my Greek fruit speciality breakfast dish, thanked Sherry, and bid her farewell and said that I would be in touch for further information about the village.
Wow the timing and synchronicity of those 3 events that were all interlinked absolutely left me gobsmacked.
What do you think these 3 events told me?
They told me that I was connected to source energy and that my alignment was bringing my desires immediately to me.
Because that day it was very sunny I was of a very high vibration, meaning that I was feeling really good doing something that I love eg cycling around beautiful villages, preparing food that reminded me of a fantastic holiday, my alignment brought me manifestations almost immediately.
The amazing thing too is that I was aware of it. If I was not feeling that good and bogged down with problems I would not have noticed.
My friend Kathy was in London visiting her parents she had loads of shopping, she thought to herself, I could do with a wheely suitcase to put my stuff in so I don’t have to carry it, right at that moment she saw a case sticking out of a bin, it was clean and there was nothing else in there, and it did the trick perfectly.
These perfect timings, synchronicities and miracles are here for the taking, for all of us. Desires small and large can be met all day every day, it’s just about tapping into the energy that creates worlds and watch as one miraculous occurrence happens one after the other.
Have a wondrous miraculous day
Love from
Loraine x


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