Drop the Shoulds

Hi friends
Drop the Shoulds
Should is a word in the English dictionary that always makes us wrong, and to my mind needs to be eliminated.
We put timelines on our life, we feel we should have achieved certain goals at certain times.
For example, we should be married at age 25, we should have 2.5 children, we should have that perfect job, we should be in an ideal relationship.
When these things don’t happen exactly to our liking, it often causes pain and suffering.
When we don’t achieve what we think we ‘should’ we feel a failure.
What I’m about to suggest will free you from all that suffering.
What if you dropped all the Shoulds in your life, how would that feel?
It would feel liberating
It would feel like freedom
It would feel like acceptance
It would feel like self love
It would feel right
Because we are always on the right path to where we are in life.
The universe has a grand plan for us, and it’s beyond what we know in our physical bodies.
If you look back on your life and realise how much you’ve grown and evolved as a person, which is inevitable, you will know that marrying that certain person or not getting that job was the right course, at that time.
You are always on the right path, and the only should there is, is to be as authentic as possible.
Have a great day
Lots of love as always
Loraine x


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