Life is a Love School

Hi friends
Life is a Love School
Life will always throw challenges our way, whether it be a situation, a person close to us or even a stranger.
And it’s not so much how often or to what degree we have these challenges, but it’s more about how we deal with them.
When we have knee jerk responses to someone cutting us up when we’re driving along, the normal reaction is to get angry and upset with that person.
Or a son, daughter, husband, wife or friend behaves inappropriatelty we respond back with anger, retaliation and resentment.
Whereas, if we stepped back and observed the situation with more clarity, and try not to take it personally, we would notice that these people had a reason for behaving the way they did, and the problem is always with themselves, through lack of self-esteem and self love.
It’s a basic human need to give and receive love, and when these needs aren’t met frustration sets in and bad behaviour ensues.
So when a challenging person or situation arises refrain from your normal reaction and say to yourself “how can I bring more love to this person/situation”. And even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time this is your opportunity for growth and expansion, this person is teaching you to love more and you should be grateful for that.
This will pave the way to talking to each other that will bring about a positive solution.
You may think that it’s backing down or being weak to bring more love to a situation, but you couldn’t be farther from the truth, for love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it’s who we all are under our layers of beliefs and conditioning.
When you bring love, compassion and kindness to that suffering person you are also teaching them to be more loving and powerful, you are setting an example, rather than carrying on the angry negative feud.
I had a situation recently wherein I handled it differently to what I normally would, in a more loving way and the outcome was very positive.
Life is a love school, where it teaches you to be more and more loving, which in turn empowers yourself and the other person.
For when you choose love you are always powerful and on the right path.
Have a great day
Love from
Loraine x


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