Hi friends
Tomorrow I’m going on holiday to Egypt with my best friend Kathy.
Although it will be an amazing fun holiday I’ve come to the conclusion that travelling and exploring pastures new is my purpose.
There’s nothing better than to go to a new country and meet the people and experience a different culture, and I’ve never been to Egypt.
But there’s more to it than that, I will then come home and write about it, because I know for sure there will lots of fantastic stories to tell, because I’ve asked the universe prior to going, in fact I ask the universe all the time for inspiration to write and it never fails me.
A couple of things come to mind to write about and they are, snorkelling in the notorious Red Sea, belly dancing oh and selfie stick haha.
I love writing it’s never a chore, and I will not write unless I feel inspired to do so. I don’t worry or fret about things to write about, as I know it will just come to me, often spontaneously.
Sometimes I will have an idea of a subject to write about and I will fester on it for a few days, by either being inspired by a teacher or just something that I’ve seen or an experience.
This blog, I had an idea that I would tell you I’m going to Egypt, but the subject of purpose came to me when I awoke.
A miracle happened yesterday, I’m writing a book on my Everest Base Camp adventure called Higher and Higher, and I’ve written a lot of it already but I wanted to get to Everest Base Camp in the book before I go on holiday, I had a dramatic arrival, but I won’t spill the beans.
Prior to getting down to writing I decided to do a Quantum Jump which is a guided visualisation by Burt Goldman, the subject was career purpose.
After the jump I felt highly inspired and the writing just flowed like someone else was writing it for me, it felt pleasurable, it felt inspiring, it felt like I was on purpose.
Of course I was connected to infinite intelligence and it felt wonderful, and was so pleased to get to the Everest Base Camp part of the book, which took about 18 pages of writing.
So if you’re looking for your purpose, I would say keep thinking and doing stuff that inspire and delight you, and endeavour to feel good as much as possible and your purpose will find you.
Have a great week and see you when I get back in a weeks time.
Lots of love as always
Loraine x


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