The Magic of the Ocean

Hi friends
The Magic of the Ocean
Just returned from a holiday in Egypt, and the highlight was snorkelling in the Red Sea.
The village where we stayed was very touristy, but there was an area where there was a man made beach with several jetties where you could go snorkelling.
This was my golden opportunity to use my new snorkel that I had bought from home, and a special waterproof plastic case to put my camera in.
The first day I ventured down to the snorkel area with my equipment.
It took a while to get used to using the snorkel, at first the water would get into the mask and mouthpiece, but after a while, like anything, with practice I got better.
On first seeing the fish and coral under the water was a breath taking experience, as we are not used to anything like it in our country.
The beautifully coloured fish were of all shapes colours and sizes, and it seemed after a few days I would see more and more of the spectacular array.
There were tiny silver blue fish that would wriggle along in shoals to surprise and delight the onlookers.
Many times Kathy, my friend who I went with, saw oval yellow shaped fish that would swim around in pairs like a couple, and would hide behind a rock when people snorkelled near them, they were so sweet.
I managed to get many videos too of my experience.
Although the local snorkelling was brilliant, it was nothing compared to our day out scuba diving and snorkelling on a boat.
We went to Ras Mohammed which is a national park and known for it’s under water beautiful sea life.
First Kathy and I did our scuba try dive with all the accompanying equipment, with Ali, he had me on one arm Kathy on the other.
Although I was a bit nervous and out of my comfort zone at first, I soon felt the flow and rhythm of the ocean. Kathy had done it before so it wasn’t new to her.
We glided into the bowels of the ocean and I felt at one with the universe, and was totally relaxed after a very short while.
Ali was very reassuring, we had to give signs with our fingers to say if all was ok, an O sign with our thumb and index finger, if not ok a flat hand moving side to side.
It was like a completely new and different world at the bottom of the sea, unlike anything I had experienced before.
The very noisy sound of the bubbles, as we breathed life giving air in and out was prominent.
We kneeled on the sea bed and had our photos taken, and gradually swam back to the surface.
Although that experience was profound, what was to follow was even more astounding.
Alaa our snorkel guide took us in a group of 10, snorkelling around the coral reefs.
The first snorkel, he gave me his mask and we went to this area where I saw the most amazing huge purple fish, I was taken aback by it’s colour and beauty.
The second snorkel was called Yolanda Reef and it’s where a ship had sank, and we saw the ship wreck at the bottom of the sea, there were loads of toilets from the ship, in an unusual cluster together.
The final snorkel was called Shark Reef, the variety of fish that we saw amongst the colourful rugged coral was amazing. Tiny orange shoals of fish, and black ones, I saw a long wide eel looking fish just feet away.
Blue green shimmery fish that looked so spectacular when the sun rays caught it.
Alaa pointed to something on the sea bed that looked like a small shark, but it wasn’t, it was another type of fish, and surprisingly I felt thrilled rather than scared at the thought of possibly being near a shark.
The Red Sea snorkelling was an experience that I will never forget.
It felt magical, thrilling, joy, wonder and it further enhanced my belief of the awesomeness of this world we live in.
Have a magical day
Lots of love
Loraine x

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