Goodbye Bucket List

Hi friends
Goodbye Bucket List
Whilst on holiday in Egypt there were many trips to go on, there was a boat trip around the coral reefs, a submarine trip, and shopping trips to the local bays.
There was a flight to Cairo to see the pyramids, I thought to myself, I should go on that, coming all this way to Egypt and not seeing the pyramids didn’t feel right.
But thinking about it further, I decided it was too hot, and I had made it a “should’ rather than a true desire.
After all Kathy and I discussed, if you had seen a picture of the pyramids it was the same as seeing them for real.
We also joked that we had seen Karl Pilkington’s version of the pyramids (a comedian on TV) wherein he points out the nearby McDonalds, the pollution and nappies flying in the air, but this doesn’t take away the marvel of the wonders of the world ,
Very often we have a bucket list, that being the list of things we want to do before we transcend into non-physical.
Whereas, if we say goodbye to the bucket list and focus on what brings us the greatest joy in order to have inspired experiences, this is a far more authentic way of living.
In fact Kathy and I decided that going on a scuba try dive and organised snorkel was the closest trip to our heart’s desires.
It turned out to be a thrilling adventure, exploring the natural spectacular array of sea life.
So say goodbye and drop the bucket list, it’s only an internal pressure, and follow your inspiration and heart, then you will know for sure that you’re truly on the right path.
Have a great day
Lots of love as always
Loraine x


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