Hi friends
I went to work yesterday without my phone deliberately, because I can feel how emotionally attached to it I am.
The result was astounding, as instead of spending my break looking at Facebook or emails looking outside of myself, I wrote a couple of pages of my book on Everest Base Camp which was highly productive.
I chatted to colleagues, and all in all my day without my phone felt like freedom, I felt liberated.
The feeling of being emotionally attached to anything, be it an object, a person, a situation from the past leaves us feeling tied and not able to express ourselves fully.
We have the false premise that outside things are needed to fulfil and satisfy us, whereas when we cultivate creativity through connection to source energy and follow our bliss and highest excitement, life takes on a new meaning.
I spent the day without my phone thinking about things I wanted rather not what I wanted, because I wasn’t distracted from outside influences, how often do we do this unconsciously.
I like Wayne Dyer’s book The Ten Secrets to Success, the first one being – be open to everything attached to nothing.
When you’re open to all possibilities life becomes magical where anything can happen, you’re just an open channel for all the good to come flowing in.
So try it for just one day anything that you feel emotionally attached to, go without it and see what happens.
Have a grand day
Love as always
Loraine x


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