The Ageless

Hi friends
The Ageless.
I took my son to athletics at Barnet Allianz Park to compete in the 100 and 200 metres sprinting.
As we were walking into the stadium there were many silver haired men and women, I thought wow this is good a meeting of all ages.
It was called an open meeting, wherein you register individually rather than with your club. But everybody belonged to a club.
The first race was a 5k walking race. It was mainly men a few women, who were of nature years, and I was intrigued because here were people who defied the idea that we when we get older life stops and we deteriorate.
Here were people who were living life to the full, embracing it all, and not caring what people thought, I took my hat off to them, they inspired me.
The technique for fast walking is quite unique, and has a special technique, with legs quite straight when walking and arms swinging rapidly.
There was one gentleman who mesmerised me, he must have been around 70 or 80 and he was so fast with an excellent technique, he was giving it all he got.
There were others who looked like they were going out for a leisurely walk to collect their Sunday paper.
A silver haired lady called Barbara, who was dressed in racing gear stood near me and shouted “come on John” it was her husband, I joined in.
Barbara told me she was 61 and doing the next 3k running race, she said “I know I will come last” I said “it doesn’t matter it’s the taking part that counts”. Barbara had been running since she was 28 and loved it, which is the best reason to continue.
When Barbara ran she was last, I admired her guts, when she passed I shouted “come on Barbara”
I’ve been reading and listening a lot about agelessness, here are the 5 elements :-
1. Oxygen – Breathe deeply for 5 minutes a day, oxygen is the elixir of life, breathe into your abdomen.
2. Water – keep hydrated, drink at least 2 litres of water a day, dehydration is common and this is the cause of many ailments.
3. Exercise – for 30 minutes a day for 5 days of the week. Choose an exercise that you love, you are more likely to then stick with it.
4. Healthy Food – Eat healthily, preferably wholesome organic food, steer away from processed food.
5. – Positive Attitude – last but not least and I feel is the most important, reduce your stress levels any way you can and cultivate a positive attitude, by reading and taking action on material like what I write about or anything that resonates with you.
Agelessness is a mindset, complimented with the above factors. The people at the athletics meeting had it for sure.
But we can say today “I am ageless and timeless, and I only enjoy well being as the years go by”
Make it your mantra and the universe will bring exactly that to you and become an –
Have a superb day
Love from
Loraine x









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