Kindness is Contagious

Hi friends
Kindness is Contagious
Kindness for others first stems when we are kind and caring to ourselves.
For when we are filled up with love and kindness and we cherish ourselves, it just feels natural for these compassionate feelings to overflow and extend to others.
Its easy to get wrapped up in our own lives, what with work, family and the busyness of everyday life, but when we take the time to comfort the sad, draw out the shy and support those who live in fear, it becomes contagious and has a knock on effect.
Whenever I’m extending kindness or compassion, with no expectations and unconditionally, it gives me an amazing feeling of satisfaction, just in knowing that I’ve done some good in the world, and it makes me want to do it more and more.
So this very high vibration not only affects the person who is giving it, but to the person who is receiving it, they feel loved, empowered and supported, they feel better and then go on to be kind and compassionate to others too, you are teaching by example and it is very contagious.
The Universe also responds to acts of kindness by saying “how can I be kind to you”.
When we are kind and compassionate to ourselves and others. we light up the world which has a knock on ripple effect and there is no better contribution you can give to humanity than this.
Have a lovely day
Love as always
Loraine x


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