Tour Ye Olde English Villages

Hi friends
Tour Ye Olde English Villages
In September 2014 I went on an Abraham Hicks Vortex of Attraction Canary Island cruise, I had a wonderful time and made many new friends, mainly from America.
A lot of the new people I met said how they loved the UK, but on speaking to them further, it emerged that they had only visited London, and to my mind this is not the real England, the real England is in the heart of the country, where the villages and towns are, where the real English people live.
So there and then a desire was born, to show off our unique and beautiful country.
I decided to start a tour company showing people from other countries the villages surrounding Hitchin, which are very quaint and beautiful, with their customary village pub, parish church, corner shop, village hall and sometimes a pond.
The project has been nearly a year in the making and I now have a website which is near to completion, that being –
But there’s been a few quite remarkable events that have occurred which are co-operative components sent from the universe to help me.
The first being at the beginning of the year I worked a weekend at Watford hospital and stayed over at a couples house, Stephen and Romona, they were a lovely couple.
It emerged, after I told them about my tour company, that Stephen had a company with a similar name, but he took people farther afield, he was very successful and had good reviews on Trip Advisor. He also wrote history books and had a few published.
This intrigued me and all three of us had a very informative and empowering conversation.
Another co-operative component happened recently. I had been researching different villages, the history of each one to talk about on the tour, and had been reading about Gosmore, wherein the famous John Bunyan who wrote the classical book Pilgrims Progress used to go to Wain Wood, in a Dell called Bunyan’s Dell, and was an ampitheatre, near Gosmore to secretly preach when he had been persecuted.
The next day whilst out walking with the local Herts Health walks group the leader mentioned Wain Wood, my ears pricked up, I said “that’s where John Bunyan used to preach” and the leader said “yes it is and we can visit it”. Which we did and I had my picture taken pretending to be John Bunyan preaching, calling myself Joanna Bunyan. I used my walking stick to talk into and said “I believe” everyone laughed.
The leader went on to tell more stories about John Bunyan, and when I put the pictures on We Love Hitchin, a group on Facebook, more people told stories of John Bunyan’s house and the Dell, all valuable pieces of information I can use on my tour.
Some very significant circumstances and events that have helped me with my new tour company.
Which just goes to show when you follow your bliss, which I’ve been doing by being out in the countryside and researching the beautiful villages, the universe will bring all manner of people, circumstances, events to help and back you up.
By the way, I will need some volunteers to take round my tour when it’s ready, to practice on, and you can write an honest review.
Have a blissful day folks
Lots of love Loraine x












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