Hi friends
Relief is an underestimated, not talked about much feeling and emotion.
My teachers Abraham talk about relief a lot, and go as as far as to say:-
“Relief is the cure that all medicine is looking for, and the majority of illness subsides”
When we are locked in negative fearful emotion, there often feels like there’s no way out, our minds are stuck in a never ending spiral of the problem or situation.
We go over and over it in our minds and the problem seems to escalate.
This is the momentum of the law of attraction, one negative thought leads to another and before we know it we are in a desperate state of despair and depression.
This happened to me, wherein I was in a situation that felt very uncomfortable. I was worrying and feeling fearful.
Talking to others helped a bit but sometimes that can make matters worse because then I was considering others opinions and the negativity grew even more, for it’s only you that can solve your problems. Other people can’t be expected to know what it’s like for you.
However, the following morning after considering the situation from my positive viewpoint, things changed.
I felt better, it felt like relief, and it felt wonderful. I innately turned to my deep knowing that really all is well and that the universe is on my side guiding me in every moment, if I only take the time to listen and take notice.
Relief is an amazing positive emotion, and it feels like a huge sigh, a sigh of relief,
and in the moment we feel it , our bodies and minds take on a new dynamic, where the cells respond positively to the force of life, making us feel happier, more optimistic and at ease.
Talk yourself into relief today it’s a feeling like no other, and you will see the world in a new positive and uplifting way.
Have a day of ease
Love as always
Loraine x


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