Take Down The Umbrella

Hi friends
Take Down The Umbrella
We are creators, and if we are not creating we would not be in existence.
So countless desires are coming from us all day every day.
These desire take many forms eg:-
Wouldn’t it be nice if I had that?
I prefer this?
I would love to go there?
If only this or that would happen I would be happy?
I want this to happen.
Once a desire has manifested, we accept it enjoy it for a short while and then go onto the next desire. We in fact never get it done.
If a desire comes easily, we are happy and all is well.
But what if we’ve been wanting for something for a long time we ask ourselves – “why isn’t it coming?” –
and there is only one answer to that, and it’s because we are not a vibrational match to it.
If you can understand, which may be difficult, that when you want something, on a vibrational level it is already done, and the only thing that’s stopping it is your resistance and contradictory opposing thoughts and beliefs to it.
Law of Attraction is not about attracting things to you, because it’s already done and you merely have to allow it in.
It’s like you have an umbrella up blocking all the good that is rightly yours.
So when you’re moaning, critizing, fearful, anxious, angry, doubtful, for whatever reason, your umbrella is up blocking all that good stuff.
But when you’re feeling high vibrational emotions such as love, joy, appreciation, ease, bliss the floodgates are open, your umbrella is down and you’re a vibrational match to all your hearts desires,
So today put that umbrella away, right where it belongs into the cupboard, be an open channel and watch as your life takes on an upward magical good feeling spiral.
Lots of love
Loraine x


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