Break The Loop

Hi friends
Break The Loop
Have you noticed that the same things keep happening to us?
The same situations the same type of people, and we ask ourselves the question, “why does this keep happening?”
We want to break this never ending loop of events, circumstances and people that seem to randomly show up in our lives, but we find it impossible.
There’s a few reasons this keeps happening, the first one being we have unconscious patterns and beliefs that we’ve picked up along our trail of life, and without knowing it they govern our lives.
The second reason is that most people focus on reality and what is, meaning they observe the circumstances and events in every day life and feel like they have no control over it.
To do this spiritually is a mistake. because what has manifested today is merely what has occurred from a previous vibration, so in fact it’s living in the past.
For we do create our own reality, everything that comes into our lives is in response to what we are giving out.
So to break the loop and change to the best life possible, we must be always aware in every moment of what we are giving out.
If you have a negative thought it’s your higher self telling you that thought is not right, it’s not true and move on to a better feeling thought, imagine pushing a big red stop button.
Whereas if you are thinking a good feeling thought this means your higher self is telling you to continue with that thought and push the big green button, and more thoughts like it will follow.
So follow your very intelligent guidance system at all times.
Although at first it may be difficult to see your reality as a past vibration and therefore the manifestation of that, but just observe acknowledge that you did create it, and move onto being a visionary, use your imagination and see the world how you want it to be. and what you want to happen, then let it go and allow the universe to do it’s job and bring that to you in exact accordance to what you’re giving out.
This is why it’s so important to feel good and follow your passion, to give you the most blissful, loving, outrageously joyful life possible, well worth the effort in my opinion.
Have an amazing day
Love as always
Loraine x


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