Master Your Vibration

Hi friends
Master Your Vibration
To master your vibration merely means to be aware in every moment the thoughts, feelings, ideas and emotions that you are giving out.
For we are vibratory energy beings at our core, omitting a signal that reflects right back to us what we are giving out.
And whilst it sounds like hard work to master your vibration, as we have over 60,000 thoughts a day, and it would be impossible to monitor each and every thought, so we are looking to go to the feeling place, and there are techniques that can be used to bring your vibration to a new high and empowering level.
When awakening in the morning whilst still in your dream like alpha state, before you do anything, like go to the toilet or have a drink, think about what sort of day you want. Set your intention.
If going to work imagine having an easy, creative satisfying day, lots of laughs with colleagues, interacting with happy abundant feeling people.
Or as Esther Hicks, who interprets Abraham does, on awakening she lies in her bed and feels gratitude for the comfort of her bed, the softness of her pillow, the crispness of the sheets, and totally feels her well being.
Identify a certain emotion that you know will send you into that high vibratory state, such as love, gratitude, joy or passion, eg I love this world, my family, friends, my job, my good feelings body, list them in your head or write them down.
Another technique for mastering your vibration would be to focus on a dream that you have or a passion that you love. I know if I start thinking of my next adventure that takes me right up there to a very high state of being.
Even if you’re feeling negative, you can be thankful that your guidance system is working, or interpret the feeling in a new and different way so that the feeling can escalate into a high vibratory one, eg if you feel anger you can interpret that as passion that’s firing up your truth for higher alignment.
As you can see mastering your vibration is not as difficult as it sounds, but it does take some dedication and diligence.
But the rewards will be astounding, you will feel like the universe revolves just around you. Magic will happen wherever you go, manifestations, timing, synchronicities will occur at every corner. Everyone will love you because they will feel your alignment and authenticity.
Yes mastering your vibration will bring to you all your hearts desires, but more importantly you will feel on top of the world on a consistent basis, it will just be your natural state of being, and it will feel like heaven on earth and coming home, because this is who you really are.
Have a blissed out day
Love from
Loraine x


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