Inspirational People, Kute Blackson, Mr. Dynamic

Hi friends
Inspirational People
Kute Blackson – Mr. Dynamic
I’m always looking for new teachers who are powerful and inspirational, to take me to new heights of joy and upliftment.
I found Kute Blackson on Twitter, and his presentation, message and energy is nothing short of amazing, and I call him Mr. Dynamic, because that’s what it feels like when you listen to him.
Kute comes from Ghana, his father is from Ghana and his mother is Japanese.
His father is the minister of 300 churches in Ghana, and Kute grew up watching his father perform miracles on people. He would perform healings on the paralysed, blind, deaf, he would cure cancer and other diseases.
This was a normal occurrence for kute to witness his father’s remarkable healing abilities.
Kute’s father wanted him to take over his churches and ministerial role when it was time, but Kute had different ideas, he felt a calling for something grand in his life, and he felt it from a very young age.
At age 14 kute told his father he would not be taking over his churches, and that he had big ideas to make a huge impact on this world. His father was ok about that.
Kute read and studied many of the great teachers, from Emerson, Tony Robins to Napoleon Hill and many more, and when he was 18 he was granted a green card, which is a special entry, to go to America. He seized the opportunity.
More than a decade on and Kute has made a huge impact on the world, he has taught all sorts of people from millionaires, sales people, mothers, children, huge companies, to lead less than ordinary powerful lives.
What makes him unique is his teaching courses, he takes a client for 2 weeks to India, where he takes away their passport, money, they have only one set of clothes and takes them into the depths of the slums, where they are stripped bare and are able to find their true selves.
Another course he does is called boundlessblissbali, it’s a special kind of retreat held in his favourite place, Bali.
On his You Tube videos Kutes delivery is dynamic, he gets right up close to the camera and loudly and powerfully says “hi everyone
Kute here sending love wherever you are in the world”
A favourite video of mine is Kute’s one on procrastination, he walks around a street with his top off, powerfully stating that most people don’t show up, and says “stop pushing the snooze button on your life, your cosmic calling is awaiting” it’s an excellent three minute teaching video that will inspire you to follow your path.
Kute Blackson is one of my favourite teachers because he is so dynamic, he makes me feel energised, powerful, invincible, joyful and free, and I can think of no better way of living than that.
Have a lovely weekend folks
Lots of love
Loraine x


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