Sow Your Seeds

Hi friends
Sow Your Seeds
Not as in sow your seeds in the garden, although what I’m about to suggest is of that principle.
Sow the seeds of your desires, ideas and what sort of life you want to live.
The reality of the life you are living now is a manifestation of a past vibration, in other words it is old news.
To sow your seeds you are living in future presence, but still being aware of the now and it’s the ideal state to be in.
Once you have sewn your seeds, like in planting seeds into the garden you do not sit around and wait for them to germinate and grow, because you know that it’s inevitable.
It’s the same as your seeds of ideas and desires, once you’ve planted them, be assured that that your Manager, your PA, Universal Intelligence – The Universe, has heard you loud and clear, and it is done, all you have to do is forget about it and allow it in.
What could be simpler than that? and life is very simple, it’s us that makes it complicated.
We didn’t come here to worry, struggle and doubt, we came here to create, live life to the max and have outrageous fun, let’s bring it on.
Have a momentous Monday
Lots of love as always
Loraine x


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