A Universal Intelligence Download

Hi friends
A Universal Intelligence Download
I make no secret of the fact that I’m in the process of writing a book on my amazing adventure to Everest Base Camp in April called Higher and Higher.
The book is about trekking higher in altitude amongst the highest terrain in the world and higher in my emotions, and harnessing my knowledge of the law of attraction to overcome my many challenges.
I also have an ebook coming out very soon on Amazon of my first 100 posts from January 2014.
Writing I’ve discovered is my passion, but I’m not able to write unless I’m feeling the inspiration to do so.
In fact, when I’m writing Higher and Higher I get myself into the feeling place of The Himalayas and actually visualise myself there, and when I do the most awesome thing happens, the inspiration starts to flow and it literally feels like a download from universal intelligence.
And this is exactly what it is, inspiration means in spirit, it’s literally tapping into source energy where you access your higher self and connect to all that is.
It’s the most wonderful feeling to be in spirit, because when I get the universal intelligence download the words just flow from my pen, almost like I’m not writing, like someone else is writing for me, and I write page after page without stopping.
Yes to lead a life of inspiration is living on purpose, it’s living with passion, joy and fulfilment, you feel like your on the right path, and are able to access the energy that creates worlds.
Nothing is more important than feeling good, is my mantra, and all else follows.
Have a wonderful day
Lots of love
Loraine x


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