Choose Your Preference

Hi friends
Choose Your Preference
I’m inspired to write this after listening to the preference meditation by Bentinho Massaro.
What state of being do you prefer, is it love, joy, peace, abundance, ease, gratitude or is it all of these?
Impress upon your world what you prefer, choose it and feel it at the centre of your core being.
Choose it, see it, feel it, speak it, hear it, taste it, smell it, become it.
If you want to feel love, in all it’s shapes and forms, and you feel that love isn’t coming, still choose to feel it regardless of the circumstances, because eventually your reality will reflect this state.
But don’t do it for that reason, do it because it will feel so wonderful to walk around with the highest state of love, joy and abundance, and in time your life will reflect it back to you.
You can choose the epic life your prefer, it’s all up to you. So today infuse your mind with your highest colourful state imaginable and watch as you experience pure magic.
Have a magical Sunday
Love as always
Loraine x


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