Acting of Self Worth

Hi friends
Acting on Self Worth
Self worth is very much an individual unique feeling and knowing about oneself.
Nobody else can feel it for you, and it stems mostly from beliefs that have been picked up along our trail of life, from either other people or the environment.
Like most people I felt I had a healthy feeling of self worth and self esteem.
Two areas in my life have changed dramatically this year that truly reflect the enormous amount of self worth and self respect that I have for myself.
Prior to that I was not behaving and acting like someone who had a lot of self worth, in fact it was quite the opposite.
It’s easy to say I love myself, I have self worth for they are just words, but if you look at your life closely does it reflect that.
If you’re allowing a person or situation to continue that you are not happy with, you are not acting in your highest interest, and although there may be many reasons and excuses why this cannot change, it’s often our own fear of change that stops us from acting in our highest interest.
Only you know the answers, nobody else can come up with the solutions, and that is how it should be.
We are powerful beyond belief, and worthy just by our mere existence, make sure you are diligent and act upon your gut instincts to ensure that your self worth and life are in alignment.
Have a great day
Love as always
Loraine x


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