Being Flexible

Hi friends
Being Flexible
When we are stuck and feeling in a rut with a situation and it feels like we are going no where, it often helps to do things different, and look at them from another angle.
Doing the same things over and over will only produce the same results.
I’m wanting to get into shape for a forthcoming trip, what I was doing wasn’t producing results, so I decided to change tactics and become more flexible.
For a start instead of going to Weight Watchers or Slimming World to lose a bit of weight, I decided to get advice from people who already had amazing bodies and were close to me, that being my son and best friend.
Their advice was no nonesense, simple and totally do-able. Kathy has given me advice on my diet that’s bringing me the desired results and I’ve joined the gym where my son goes, and he’s advising me on sculpting my body just like his. He’s passionate about fitness, being a sprinter.
I was going out on my bike daily, doing the same route and although I still love it the routine had become very samey, I needed that change to spur me on.
Although it’s still early days I’m seeing a difference , but more importantly my attitude around this subject has changed, I’m feeling really good about getting into shape for my trip, and even visualising being a poolside poser in my new tassle bikini haha. I’ve bought new clothes too which I know will look fantastic.
When you open your mind to fresh options and become flexible, doorways will open to new ideas, for there are solutions to every problem.
This will allow the life force to rush through you and give you access to resources and wisdom you never thought possible.
Yes becoming flexible will change your attitude and bring the exact results you require.
Have a lovely day
Lots of Love as always
Loraine x


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